Complex trauma, addiction, depression chronic stress and anxiety are treatable addiction and mental healthcare concerns. I recommend joining a recovery online and or on site community. Profound, and life changing  healing happens when we connect with  like-minded people can symbolise  the beginning of trusting the ebb and flow process, how we learn to become the observer. Become curious. Asking  yourself the following  questions is connecting the dots…

What would love do?
Who am I?
What do I want?
What is my purpose?
What am I grateful for?

I became over time comfortable asking soul questions – with peers at first led to seeking professional help, as id joins a recovery community a 12 step-group became my conduit to change and this encounter with recovering  addicts – like me-   spawned an unstoppable  interest in seeking out the plethora of  pathways to wellbeing.

A music therapist friend took me to the Vedanta Centre in NYC, 1988. A  wonderful morning puja, part musical part Hindi poetry, followed by a meeting with remarkable people was an invitation to  an emergent  awareness.

An informal introduction with the Swami Bhuteshananda inspired me to begin attending meditation retreats to learn more about the mind and body. Initially it was Upstate New York to the Vedanta Societies retreat centre. Then gloriously enriching  India,  where I eventually settled for a wildly transformative year. Culturally unstoppable, chaotic, with many totemic and embodiments of humanity,  God-like archetypes that tick the wish-list  for all of life’s wants, needs, cravings and aspirations.

We continue to travel to sacred sites all over the planet: Australia,  Scotland,  Europe, Egypt and Istanbul, because there  are many pathways to healing, and meditation continues to be my bedrock that helps me realign, reclaim peace of mind and body, happiness and love,  and so much more. in 1988.   The journey continues.