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When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

Gabor Maté medical doctor, transformational speaker and  and bestselling author  shares client’s personal stories in which  that emotion and psychological stress play a powerful role in the onset of chronic illness. 
When the Body Says No is an impressive contribution to research on the physiological connection between life’s stresses and emotions… Read more »


I am a leading  addiction therapist, transformational trainer, and meditation teacher. Former faculty member of Jansens Newman Institute. Former Vice VP @ National Association Drug & Alcohol Counsellors (NSW) Film producer. Magazine editor (MODE-Australia) Photo-journalist. Art-director in longterm (29 years)  recovery from process addictions.
My own meditation practice began many  years ago, when I met Ravi… Read more »


At the heart of addiction is  trauma. Addiction Awareness  is  a wellbeing initiative that can help you heal, recover and restore optimal health, resilience, self-esteem, empathy and compassion. The body remembers, and in this remembering is the potential to restore your chi to optimal health. When we feel whole and complete, are self-regulating and in flow… Read more »


GABOR MATÉ: Addiction is a complex psychophysiological process, but it has a few key components. I’d say that an addiction manifests in any behavior that a person finds temporary pleasure or relief in and therefore craves, suffers negative consequences from, and has trouble giving up. So there’s craving, relief and pleasure in the short term,… Read more »


Surrender can be considered as counterintuitive to success, wrongly associated with losing face, weakness, and defeat. Surrender is success.   Surrender  encourages  us to become more patient, poised and present. Disrupting   a “hurry-up – life script/agenda”   enables us to change self-sabotaging  habits.
“When you are in the state of surrender, you will reject anything… Read more »


By conquering your mind, you can conquer the world. The mind is given to you to serve you, not to control you. You breathe 22,000 times every day. How many are you really aware of?
The mind is  powerful. It determines actions, not just what you do, how you interpret what you do. The mind determines how… Read more »


Complex trauma, addiction, depression chronic stress and anxiety are treatable addiction and mental healthcare concerns. I recommend joining a recovery online and or on site community. Profound, and life changing  healing happens when we connect with  like-minded people can symbolise  the beginning of trusting the ebb and flow process, how we learn to become the… Read more »

Peter Levine – Polyvagal Theory

Peter A. Levine draws on his broad experience as a clinician, a student of comparative brain research, a stress scientist and a keen observer of the naturalistic animal world to explain the nature and transformation of trauma in the body, brain and psyche.
 The Polyvagal Theory
If animals were physically restrained and frightened, they would go into… Read more »

1st Step is Commitment
The first step is commitment. In every life you are meant to commit. That is why the word is commit-meant. Commitment gives you CHARACTER.
2nd Step is Character
Character is when all your characteristics-all facets, flaws, and facts-are under your control. Yin and yang meet there, totally balanced. Character gives you DIGNITY.
3rd Step is… Read more »

Meditation is one of the most crucial aspects to cultivating  equanimity. Meditation changed my life  30 years ago.
A balanced  way to  be present, congruent, boost self care, esteem and intuition.
Re- connect to  your truth, make wise, skillful choices, improve communication, increase creativity, productivity and let go.
The benefits of meditation are:
Energize and balance the brain
Strengthen the… Read more »